Renovation taxiways INN/OUT 7/8, F3 and Y starts on 16 August

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From 16 August to 28 October 2022, the taxiways INN/OUT 7/8, F3 and Y will be undergoing a thorough renovation. The taxiways must be renovated every 15 years in order to continue to guarantee the safety of the passengers and the operations. The works have been planned in such a way that there is no impact on the PRS

Between mid-August and the end of October 2022, the runways INN/OUT 7/8, F3 and Y will be partly excavated and relaid. Brussels Airport has planned the work in such a way that impact on the PRS (Preferential Runway Service) will be avoided. Since the taxiways are close to the runways, the latter will have to be closed down at certain moments, but this is planned in such a way that this has no impact on the PRS. 

The works have been prepared together with all stakeholders to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible, but favourable weather conditions are also important to keep the works on schedule. 

Summary of the activities 

In total, an area of 125,000 m² will be renovated. The following work will be carried out: 

  • Surfacing: laying new asphalt and, where necessary, new foundations (125,000 m²) 
  • Drainage: laying new gutters and sewage pipes (3.5 km) 
  • Night beaconing: installing LED lamps and replacing all cabling and systems (240 km) 

During the works, the runway use will be determined as always by air traffic controller skeyes based on various parameters, such as the preferential runway use determined by the federal government, the availability of take-off and landing runways and taxiways, weather conditions and traffic intensity. The safety of air traffic is always given absolute priority. 

Information about the runway use in real time is available on Current and expected runway configuration - Brussels Airport Traffic Control ( The status of the works is available on

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