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On this page, you can find information on the role and responsibilities of each stakeholder for Brussels Airport and air traffic control. 

Federal Minister of Transport and the Belgian Civil Aviation Authority (BCAA)

The Minister of Transport defines the flight routes and the technical conditions for the use of the Belgian airports such as the Preferential Runway System .

As part of the Federal Public Service for Mobility and Transport, the Belgian Civil Aviation Authority assists the Minister of Transport in regulatory activities and ensures the regulations are being enforced.

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Belgian Supervisory Authority – Air Navigation Services (BSA-ANS)

The BSA-ANS is an independent body of the BCAA specifically responsible for supervision and certification of air navigation service providers.

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Brussels Airport Company

Brussels Airport is one of the largest airports in Europe and the second most important centre of economic growth in Belgium.

As an airport operator, Brussels Airport Company provides state-of-the-art commercial and operational infrastructure.

Brussels Airport runs a high-profile program for the prevention of accidents and incidents, for the continuous maintenance of its runways and for the optimization of airside inspection and runway safety.

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skeyes is an autonomous public company responsible for the safety of air navigation in the Belgian civil airspace and consequently also of its passengers and the overflown population. Moreover, the company offers other services necessary for a safe air traffic, such as aeronautical and meteorological information.

skeyes also manages all systems for ATM data processing (Air Traffic Management) and CNS (communication, navigation and surveillance).

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Belgium Slot Coordination (BSC)

Belgium Slot Coordination (BSC) is responsible for the allocation of airport slots at Brussels Airport, the only coordinated airport in Belgium. BSC is a non-profit organization in accordance with Belgian Law.

Airport slot allocation is an instrument developed to match demand for slots from the air carriers and general aviation to the supply of airport capacity. As a result, by avoiding congestion and delays, implementing slot allocation brings economical as well as environmental benefits.

In allocating, coordinating and monitoring slots in conformity with the relevant rules, BSC provides services to the aviation industry that contribute to make optimal use of scarce resources.


Airport Mediation Service

The Airport Mediation Service is responsible for collecting and analysing complaints from local communities about air traffic at Brussels Airport and for replying to them.

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