Link between Meteo and Air Traffic Control

Meteo service and air traffic control are in constant contact with each other. On the one hand, a meeting between the MET Office Supervisor and the Supervisor of the control tower takes place three times a day. Representatives of Brussels Airport, airlines, as well as contractors responsible for airport works (if any), are invited to join this meeting by videoconference. At this meeting, the MET Office Supervisor gives a presentation of the expected weather situation and then answers questions from his interlocutors.


On the other hand, many telephone contacts between the MET Office and the control tower take place at any time for various reasons: to inform the controllers of the beginning or end of dangerous weather phenomena at the airport (e. g. thunderstorms), to inform the controllers of an amendment to a previous forecast following a different evolution from that previously planned, etc.

In addition, there are many written forecast and warning products that are transmitted to air traffic controllers in a digital form, in order to provide them with all the necessary detailed weather information to ensure the safety of air navigation. 

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