Renovation runway 07L/25R: preliminary works from 8 July until 13 July


From 13 July until 23 August, runway 07L/25R will be entirely closed for renovation.

Prior to its closure, preliminary works will be carried out from 8 to 13 July on the intersection of runway 25R and runway 19. These include works on the airfield lighting system, in particular on the runway and approach lights, and changes to the runway markings on the intersection.

The preliminary works start on Wednesday 8 July and end on Monday 13 July at 5 am.

To limit the impact on airport operations, the preliminary works are scheduled to be carried out between 3:30 pm and 7:30 am the next day.

During this period:

  • Landings will not be possible on runways 25R and 19. On runways 07L and 01 the available landing distance will be reduced;

  • Take-offs are not possible on runways 07L and 01. On runways 25R and 19 the take-off run available will be reduced;

When the conditions allow it (particularly the wind direction), preferential runway use will be applied for take-offs. Landings will take place on runway 25L.




Landing on runway 25L

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