Brussels Airport unveils its Strategic Vision

18 November 2016

As important growth engine for the country, Brussels Airport is preparing for the future. That is why Brussels Airport Company CEO Arnaud Feist today presented the Strategic Vision 2040 for the airport. Brussels Airport has an ambitious plan to get ready to accommodate the expected growth in air traffic in the next 25 years. The plan connects our country to the rest of the world and to the future, and has the potential to double the number of jobs on and around the airport site to 120,000 by 2040.

The airport operator intends to further develop Brussels Airport in an open and transparent way, in dialogue with all stakeholders concerned and with consideration for its impact on the environment and its surroundings. That is why Brussels Airport has created Forum 2040, in which all stakeholders are represented: neighbours, municipalities, civil society organisations, companies and experts.

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EUROCONTROL Report of Runway Selection Procedures applied by BELGOCONTROL at Brussels Airport

  • Written by Belgocontrol on Wednesday 24 February 2016 in the category Default.

Steenokkerzeel, 17 February 2016

Since 2006 Eurocontrol annually audits Belgocontrol runway use selection at the national airport. That way, the Belgian air traffic controller is surveyed by an independent and external body of experts.

Eurocontrol verifies whether the Preferential Runway System (PRS) is applied correctly. It is described in detail in an operational manual for air traffic controllers. The guidelines also mention under which circumstances aircraft are allowed to deviate from the preferential runway use.

On five days between 16 and 23 April and on 14 May 2015 Eurocontrol performed an extensive audit, for which their airport experts drew on logbook data, weather forecasts and real wind measurements at the airport during the period in question.

The findings of that investigation have been published in a voluminous report. It states that during the audited period preferential runway use has been deviated from on 22 occasions on account of weather conditions. According to Eurocontrol experts, those deviations were justified each time. Beside those deviations, preferred runways were systematically used.

In view of the above, Eurocontrol’s conclusion is that Belgocontrol “operated at very high quality standards and consistently with the PRS and that all deviations were justified and appropriate given the meteorological conditions and airport scenarios”.