Brussels Airport Traffic Control

This website provides information on air traffic into and out of Brussels Airport.

Runway(s) currently in use

Actual usage

25L 25L

Reason for deviation

Non-availability of runway or taxiway (works, snow removal, deicing, painting...)

Planned usage

25R 19 25L 25R

A delay of 30 minutes can occur.

: Departure
: Arrival

Actual usage: runway(s) currently in use with the reason why the preferential runway system (PRS) is not applied, if applicable

Planned usage: the runway(s) normally used at this time of day in conformity with the PRS

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Expected runway use for the coming hours

  • Runway use cannot be forecast

This forecast is purely indicative. The actual runway usage may change at any time due to unforeseen circumstances or unexpected changes in the weather.