Replacement of the BUB beacon from 8 November until 15 December


In the framework of the modernisation programme of the Belgian air navigation beacon network, skeyes will shortly be replacing the BUB beacon, located in the community of Kortenberg, close to Brussels Airport. 

The BUB beacon is used for en-route navigation and for take-offs from and landings at Brussels Airport.

Replacing the BUB beacon will be performed in two phases :
  • a phase in which the electronics will be replaced, from 8 November until 15 December;
  • a phase in which the metallic structure will be renovated, during the summer of 2019.
During both phases, the BUB beacon will not be available for air navigation. In order to remedy that unavailability, procedures based on satellite technology (PBN) will be temporarily used for departures from and arrivals at Brussels Airport. 
The PBN departure procedures have been designed using the current procedures as a basis. The impact on air traffic will therefore be very limited.  
PBN approach procedures will be published for runways 07R and 07L (as the other runways already have that type of procedure at their disposal). During the period that the BUB beacon will be unavailable, the approach corridor for runway 07L landings will be slightly shifted because of the constraints resulting from that type of procedure (landing in the runway axis). Nevertheless, that runway is little used for landings. The publication of that procedure will not modify the applicable regulation regarding the selection of runways in use. 
During both work phases, the ULB (Université Libre de Bruxelles, University of Brussels)will perform a monitoring of the trajectories in order to evaluate the possible impact on the followed trajectories. 
The temporary publication of those procedures is part of the international transition towards satellite technology for air navigation. In conformity with the European regulation, satellite-based flight procedures (PBN) will have to be published for all take-offs from and landings at Brussels Airport before 1 January 2024 at the latest. 
Do you wish to know more about the transition towards satellite-based PBN technology in air navigation? Please click on the following links:

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